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Deadmau5 regained his faith in music

The superstar DJ Deadmau5 said that the movie's disastrous opening has "restored his faith in the perception of 'EDM culture".

A man named Hon and a Holly Grail of vinyl records

Previously stored in a garage in Essex county, this record collection of 24,000 is now being called “one of the most complete archives of the evolution of dance music.”

Zedd Uploads Gorgeously Dark “Beautiful Now” Remix From Mysterious New Artist

The plethora of mystery artists that have emerged in EDM haven’t gone unnoticed, and the technique has become cheesy and frivolous to say the least. But denying the talent of a select few such producers is unwise.

Jeff Mills - a founding father of Detroit techno

From - we,ve discovered 8 insane facts you probably never knew about Jeff Mills.

Tiësto - making bad DJs Famous

Tiësto is hosting a 7Up-"powered" VEVO show where people compete to become the next "star" to DJ the 7Up's stage at Ultra, and get this: none of the contestants have even DJed before.

Ed Sheeran is Spotify's most influential artist under the age of 25

The singer-songwriter fought off competition from Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith and Justin Bieber to claim the global title.

Soundcloud - this is the end?

Today the picture would appear to be even more grim as sources are reporting Soundcloud is in the final stages of penning a licensing agreement with Universal Music Group.

A new deep house track with a sexy video starring Yeva Shiyanova!

Tom Boxer & Morena just released a new deep house track with a sexy video starring Yeva Shiyanova a dance television star from Kazakhstan and Russia .