Dancebandada pres. United States Of Mind volume one

After more than a year of well deserved break, surely now the time has come for us to work again. Until the official reopening of the radio station, we present the first volume of a new concept of our new musical show - United States Of Mind.

This amalgam of sound brings forward a lot of new songs, actually the hottest at the moment, in the category of club music. The first volume came to an alternative without any our vocal comment, but in the following volumes, will prepare the vocal intro, and also more other customized audio inserts along the entire mix.

We note today the presence of the Block & Crown, with Chris Marina, and are here and those from Black Motion ft. Xoli M with a wonderful piece of closure. It just has to invite you to enjoy the first volume of U.S.O.M., which you can listen here.

Thanks - Dancebandada Team.