Great danger of personalization

I've read a very interesting article recently, about what we want and what we get from the digital platforms. The surprise was even bigger, because this article highlights, if you want, what I personally and especially Dancebandada - as the digital radio platform - we want to emphasize, namely that the period of patterns has passed, the classic returns, and the requirement for "more different" content programs is increasing.
You can read this interesting article right here, but not before we find out that we - the Dancebandada team, we have started with this idea, and we'll keep it as a pattern for our future creations. This article is signed by Mark Ramsey, which is a veteran media strategist, researcher, and trend-maker who has worked with numerous media, publishing, and digital brands all over the world.
The first prototype-show that we've made is The Humans (Tales From Planet Earth), we're already in the sixth episode, and as we work on this program, we're getting more and more ideas about what it will contain, and what this  product will     become.
Of course, creating original content is not easy at all, but the purpose is an well-targeted one, and it can bring amazing results. Actually, the article about which we mentioned says exactly what we have to say: we will bring you the original,  you just need to be ready for it.